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Play as the Biological Lifeform of Paint (B.L.O.P.) avoiding traps and escaping the demented laboratory of your creators using your color absorption technique. Float through airy pits, slime your way up sheer walls, blast through glass and wood, and breathe underwater- all for FREEDOM!
  • 40 original Levels to explore
  • New Graphics
  • New Music
  • 10 New Levels (and a secret to get them)
  • GameCenter enabled
  • Updated Menu
  • 'the Instructor' is available for the Training Level
  • Parallax backgrounds

Original Release Date: May 10, 2012
Update Release Date: Jan 26, 2013

In Production

Dragon Hoard Dragon Hoard

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We are proud to bring you the fun and exciting adventures of Mr. Freddy the Frog. After finding a rare but delicious golden bug, Freddy has decided to no longer eat ordinary bugs because the taste is just too bland. He is craving the unique and delicious flavor of the illusive golden bug! Join Freddy on his quest to find and eat all the golden bugs he can. But it won't be as easy as you think! With a little luck, a lot of strategy, and proper planning, you can help Feed the Frog.